Cayo Exclusive Resort & Spa



The right to live in paradise

1830. The Santorinean family Sigalas builds a sheepfold hewn in the rock, in the settlement of Karterados in the center of Fira, to hide their animals when pirates raided the island. Forty-seven years later, the cave is converted into a home to house the large family with the children and grandchildren who expected to be given pancakes with sugar every night. One and a half centuries later, the home that remains today a home, near that a separate place for the goats, the grandmother’s house and a canava, the family winery where the year’s crop was stoically aging in oak barrels, were converted into a luxurious, intimate lodge with three suites: Canava (= winery), Eutopia (=seeking of the best possible world), and Lala (=grandmother in the Santorinean dialect). A conversion that paid meticulous attention to preserve the original character of the complex.

1956, the island's powerful earthquake rocks the house and the family receives grant money from the state for restoration and the creation of an additional, new home adjacent to the cave house. The rebuilding process commences in 1964 when all the family members, from the father to the youngest grandchild, go to the beaches of Santorini. There, they collect tiny sea pebbles and remodel with them the former sheepfold into a home, maintaining the small space for the animals in the caves and putting them in at night. This material, the pebbles of the sea, in combination with the theraic earth and the porcelain, provides the home with static strength and geometric stability. It is the same building material, the same soil, with which the Suez Canal was built.




Τhe spa is situated adjacent to the outdoor swimming pool that is open to all hotel guests and above the “Canava” suite. Overlooking the little hamlet of Karterados, the blue dome of the village church that stoically stands there to celebrate all kinds of joys and meanings, and the vineyards that stretch into the distance as far as the eye can see, our signature open-air spa calls you to indulge yourself with specialized massage treatments based on the black volcanic stone.



The jacuzzi pool, along with the private cinema right above the jacuzzi of the Lala Suite, uniquely complement the hospitality by creating the transcendent: One of the most unique cinemas in Santorini and around the world that exists in the privacy of a room. Swim in the tranquil waters of your jacuzzi pool, just below your private cinema, and enjoy everything that dreams cannot dream.



The first hotel in the world that names, with every booking, a real, visible to the naked eye, star in the sky after you.

At the moment when the sky becomes brilliantly golden and the full moon dominates the night, look at the sky and wallow in the unique White Cave Suites hospitality experience.

*This experience is included in the rate of the Canava suite and is available upon request for the Eutopia and Lala suites. Such arrangement entails additional cost.


The glorious sunset


Romantic and unromantic people, nature lovers, travelers, and locals, when witnessing the iconic Fira sunset, become one: Sunset-seekers of the most unique sunset in the world. Right in the middle of the caldera, Fira is the capital and center of island life. Here municipal services and commercial shops of all sorts serve residents and visitors all year long.


In the most northwestern hamlet of the caldera, where all the postcards of the world get their theme and image, houses perched on the brink of the volcanic cliff above the Aegean Sea become the stuff of dreams. Sometimes rock-hewn buildings and cave houses with bathrooms outside the main corpus of the house, and always with an "alitana," a flower-bed replete with fragrant, sweet-smelling basil and honeysuckle to impregnate the atmosphere even more with intoxicating smell and love. Sometimes captains' houses with high ceilings, aristocratic décor, sophistication, and elegance reminiscent of the glory of another era when the Santorinean shipmasters ruled the seas.